Losing Your Fear

losing your fear
Credits: Julia Freeman-Woolpert

The world is ending in 2012. A major apocalypse is going to happen and whether you believe it or not, the end of civilization as you know it, is going to come. At least, that is what a lot of people truly believe and would have us believe. So there is a lot of fear and hype about that imagined end, enough to cause a certain paralysis in certain people.

Well, believe what you will but do not let your beliefs paralyze you to the point that you cannot live your life the way you should. One thing that most participants of the Arab Spring had in common was that they lost their fear. That enabled them to display incredible courage in the midst of such uncertainty.

Whether the world ends in 2012 or 2000 years from now, one thing we know for sure is that each passing day we move ons step closer to when we’ll need incontinence products. Living in fear is not going to change that. Instead live your life with purpose and dignity.