My Favourite Dessert

Sinfully delicious cheesecake

Just thinking of it, I’m already salivating. My favourite dessert in all the world. It’s cake but not quite. It’s cheesy and not white. It is so delicious that it is definitely sinful. And it is none other than cheesecake.

Funny enough I discovered that not all cheesecakes were made equal and I’ve tried several, believe me. It’s the same with tailgating food, there are very few that I’ve tasted that made the grade and I was lucky enough to be able to have some this last trip back home. Sigh.

Unfortunately, cheesecake and my hips don’t go together. 🙁 Talk about an original ‘hips don’t lie’ affair. So I keep it down and treat myself once in a very blue moon.

What is your favourite dessert? Please share with me, maybe I’ll discover something new.